Basic data

Gergely Strommer
date of birth
English (learning since the age of 4), a bit of French and Spanish
contact email
contact phone
+36 70 575 37 33


web design and development

sitebuild (various methods, frameworks and templating engines ) JS (familiar with jQuery and Zepto, but nowadays I use native JS as well) SASS/LESS/Stylus HTML5 (of course) and templating languages (Handlebars, Liquid, etc.) task runners & preprocessors (Gulp, Webpack, Grunt, etc.) static site generators (Ruby and NodeJS-based) affinity and some good understanding of backend languages (PHP and NodeJS right now) constantly learning new web and MVC frameworks (AngularJS 2, vue.js, etc.)

UI/UX design for mobile & web applications

strong knowledge of Sketch & Adobe Creative Cloud (full stack) various prototyping tools (InVision, Flinto, FramerJS, etc.) device prototyping with own 'mockup tool' (HTML/JS/CSS) Ionic Framework - with great progress

graphic design in general

Adobe Creative Cloud - full stack digital and print design

other skills

can work under high pressure, with tight deadlines can (and wants to) learn new techniques can search really fast on Stack Overflow (and actually find useful and helpful stuff) outstanding memory for a huge amount of totally useless data & fun facts :) cooking, BBQ and bartending as a hobby (totally unrelated to work, but could be useful)

Employment history

2015 -

Head of design @ IncepTech Ltd.

IncepTech is a mixture of consulting and IT companies. Founded by ex-McKinsey consultants they specialize in digitalizing McKinsey's new solutions in a comprehensive and user-friendly way. Despite the strict design and UI guidelines and unnegotiable expectations, the company always trires to create products meeting newer standards and trends. My job here as head of design is to create and manage UI and other complex design concepts and (if they were web-based or had a web interface) build them. I always use modern development tools and approaches to keep the code clean and reusable (and even the design files... yes, proper and understandable Sketch and Photoshop layer naming is one of the most important things to me when building concepts for production). Creating reusable modules and clean and understandable code is crucial to me, especially when working in a team. I've created a really simple but modular and extendible frontend design and development toolkit system for the company to let other frontend guys get involved easily. During my last year we've created more than 10 apps and 6+ complex web-based BI solutions for various purposes.
2008 -

Freelance graphic, UI and web design

This is what I've been doing since I managed to build my first website, created my first 2-3 music videos and designed the first few flyers, posters and logos. I'm still doing it besides my 9to5 job, and it still has the best challenges. I'm still learning new things, new technologies and I'm constantly pushing myself towards newer and more advanced frontend tools and technologies.